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Social Enterprise Conference 2017 in Christchurch

Welcome to the Whanau Ora Business Innovation Hub with BDO Marketing & Business Solutions.  We're providing support and advice to Maori, Pacific and Mainstream Business Owners who are either in business or wanting to get into business.

Maori Business plays a huge part in sustaining New Zealand's economy.  In fact in 2010 the asset base for the Maori Economy was $36.9bn. 

Maori Trusts and Incorporation contributed to $4.0bn and other Maori entities contributed a further $6.7bn alone.

New Zealand is also the largest Pacific Hub for those who have made NZ their home. 

The Whanau Ora Business Innovation Hub through BDO Marketing and Business Solutions want to assist you and your business to further support the New Zealand economy.

We have a great team who is ready to korero and support initiatives you may have or already have put them into action.  Together we can support you to not only grow in New Zealand but also around the world.

We would like to grow this number and we can as statistics have shown that Maori and Pacific Business Owners are growing.

BDO Marketing and Business Solutions is wanting to assist you and support more Maori and Pacific into business through our programmes that allow for Innovation & Maori and Pacific Entrepreneurship.

We want you to succeed and we look forward in working with you and your business.  Give us a call